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Massenez Griottes ‘Cherry Gaby’

A l’olivier Mango-Infused Vinegar (200ml)

Set of 2 candles

Caffarel Torino 1826, Piemonte Classico (105g)

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Massenez Griottes ‘Cherry Gaby’ (500ml)

Semi-confit pitted cherries. Eau de Vie from France. Blended 15% vol

A l’olivier Mango-Infused Vinegar (200ml)

This mango-infused vinegar combines the fruit’s smooth and sweet taste with the vinegar’s acidity. Ingredients :
Distilled vinegar (43%), mango pulp (40%), sugar, apple pectin.

Set of 2 candles

Handcrafted locally.

Caffarel Torino 1826, Piemonte Classico (105g)

Piemonte’s uniqueness is due to two decisive ingredients: refined chocolate and the best hazelnuts. Delicate cubes of Gianduia chocolate with whole roasted hazelnuts in an elegant ballotin decorated with a ribbon.

41.5% HAZELNUTS, sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa BUTTER, whole MILK powder, ALMONDS, emulsifier: lecithin (SOYA), vanillin (artificial flavouring). Gluten-free.